Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shea Weber has a message for Germany...and Russia

Shea Weber has broken many things with his heavy slapshot in his NHL career--Martin Erat's leg, Jordan Tootoo's foot, panes of glass--and now he can add Olympic twine to that list. In today's qualification game against Germany, which Canada won handily by a score of 8-2, Weber's second period goal caused some confusion when the puck left his stick with such velocity that it flew past German netminder Thomas Greiss in a blur and ripped right through the net, leaving a hole surrounded by what appeared to be black rubber singe marks. It was originally thought that the puck went wide until a stoppage in play allowed for a review, which showed the puck soaring under the cross-bar and exiting through the back of the German net. Don't believe me? Here's the video:

Shea Weber has a message for Germany, and more importantly, Russia: Shea Weber eats nets for breakfast.
He is gonna score goals and no pansy-ass piece of twine is gonna stop him. His skill and sheer force cannot be
stopped by man nor his constructions. I'd like to see the great Russian shot-blocking machine Anton Volchenkov
step in front of one of these babies. It'd probably make a hole right through his leg.

I'm totally scared shitless about playing Russia, by the way.

This moment may end up being the only real memorable one for Team Canada at these games, provided Babcock
doesn't nail Crosby to the bench in some epic shootout with the Russians; so lets savour it, shall we?

Russia tomorrow.

Pray for us.

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