Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This just in: Team Canada's new look

I have been looking forward to the release of Team Canada's new-look jerseys ever since it was announced that they could no longer use the Hockey Canada logo, and although I wasn't expecting a drastic change, I have to say I'm slightly disappointed. As you can see, the design is essentially the same as the newer Hockey Canada jerseys released a few years back. I was excited about the prospect of bringing back the classic '72 jerseys or even the alternate jerseys worn at last year's World Junior tourney that became so popular. The main thing that irks me about this design is that since the jersey is red and the artwork inside of the crest is red, it is hardly visible unless you look closely. It sort of looks like someone tore off the original crest and was too lazy to wash off the fabric glue. Curiously, the Hockey Canada logo still managed to sneek onto the sleeve of the jersey. I will probably be purchasing it in white, as you can see the artwork inside the crest much more clearly. I'm sure it'll look much nicer with "Iginla"  sewn on the back and a big ol'  captain's "C" on the chest. 

Images courtesy of icethetics 

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