Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An ode to Todd Bertuzzi

Big Bert, we hardly knew ye...

Twas a fine summer's day a year ago
When the winds of change began to blow
The news broke that you'd been signed
And some fans in Calgary were very unkind

They pouted and stomped and demanded a refund
It's fair to say, you must have felt shunned 
Then Darryl demanded we give you a chance 
So as the season began, we took a second glance

You started off hot, and earned our trust
Until you began to show some rust 
Twenty game goal-less droughts and injuries galore 
Made us want to show you the door 

You scored some big goals and provided some muscle 
But in the end, you just couldn't hustle 
Your -13 was a defensive liability
And again we questioned your credibility 

After a 44-point season, you did alright 
But with our young players, the future looked bright 
As summer wore on, you never got a call
But on a contract with the Red Wings, you would eventually scrawl 

Now we've parted ways, we hope you're not bitter 
And at age 34, we're glad you're no quitter 
Next time you see us, you might hear a boo
But don't take it too hard, it's just the Saddledome brew 

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