Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday's rumour roundup: Comrie returns to Oil Country, for real this time

Just over a week after Comrie's return to Edmonton seemed improbable, the Oilers appear to have had a change of heart as they announced the signing of the hometown centre to a one-year, $1.25 million deal earlier today. Darryl Katz, a good friend of the Comries, somehow managed to convince clueless GM Steve Tambellini that this signing was a good idea, after all, Edmonton had to wrap up a relatively dull summer with SOMETHING, right? Six years after Comrie's messy departure from Oil Country, he and Kevin Lowe have both matured, and admitted that they should have handled the situation differently. I suppose time really does heal all wounds.

I have nothing against giving players second chances, everyone knows Sutter Sr. is an expert at bringing in embattled NHLers like Todd Bertuzzi and Brian McGrattan (wait till he gets his hands on Theo Fleury) and giving them a shot at redemption, but shouldn't the player in question at least fill said team's needs? What, you say? McGrattan's ability to throw a mean right hook doesn't exactly translate into more pucks in the net? That may be, but his role on the team is relatively unique to him, whereas Comrie is a dime a dozen within the confines of Rexall Place.

This sentiment is echoed over at Oilers Nation and The Edmonton Journal, where it is being suggested that the addition of Comrie could mean that Robert Nilsson or Marc Pouliot may be on their way out of town. While Comrie does add veteran presence and his return has supposedly received endorsement from the likes of Shawn Horcoff, Ales Hemsky, and Ethan Moreau, the question of where he will fit into the Oilers lineup still remains.

At least we already know Hilary Duff likes Edmonton.

Sticking with our provincial rivals, Craig MacTavish is employed. Coaching Team Canada. At the Spengler Cup.

*Yawn*...rumours of another three-way deal involving Dany Heatley surfaced again today, this time between the Senators, Sharks, and the L.A. Kings. This proposed deal would see Heatley land in San Jose, Stoll and Frolov headed to the Nation's capital, and Marleau, if he chooses to waive his no-trade, end up in L.A. Other sources say that Heatley could be a Shark as soon as tonight.

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